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Raylo are a four-piece strong music collective based in London. Raylo has become a vessel to put four highly creative people in the same room. Forming of Reece Whyte, Teni Solomon, Robin Reeves and George Renwick they all bring with them years of experience in the music industry from song writing to production. Raylo has quickly turned heads with their new single 'Winner'. 

The band is fronted by Reece and Teni, 2 Singer/Rappers from London. Both from creative backgrounds, Reece brings his unique lyrical skill and distinctive voice to produce captivating melodies that have become an integral part of the RAYLO sound. Also being an avid designer he's been instrumental in building a strong brand and visual identity for the group. 

Teni brings an instantly recognisable deep, soulful tone which features heavily in RAYLO's songs. That, mixed with ridiculous rapping ability makes the pair a serious force to be reckoned with both in the studio and on stage. 

The guys have individually been penning lyrics and writing songs for their own projects for years, before teaming up with prolific Producers, George Renwick and Robin Reeve to form RAYLO. In the summer of 2015, the stars aligned when the foursome got chatting at The Boom Room Studios in Ladbroke Grove.


Here is a Soundcloud playlist comprised of the three songs from RAYLO.

'Polaroid' and 'Rest Easy' are the two forthcoming tracks from the band, keep your eyes peeled for their official release!

'Winner' is the track released through ULTRA Records. Be sure to watch the video below.

Raylo - winner

Watch our new music video out now on YouTube.


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